Unfortunately, solar energy systems occasionally bring interference complaints with them. Think of disturbing radios, television, computers or HAM radio amateurs. In this article you will find some tips to prevent Solar panel Interference. This is often caused by poor installation or inferior aperture. Because most DC/AC converters work with high-frequency transformers, it sometimes happens that this high-frequency signals comes out via the connected cables. On the diagram below you can see how a solar installation has to be connected. It is very important that the cables of the solar panels always latch parallel to each other. Secure the cables together with cable ties. Ferrite material around the cables forms a resistance for the unwanted high-frequency signals. In some cases, it is necessary to place multiple ferrite cores in succession to eliminate the noise. This depends on the interference level.

Prevent Solar panel Interference

In most cases the best ferrite material choice is #31 for solar system interference. 31 Material is a very good wide band common mode suppression solution in the frequency range from 1 up to 600 MHz. It depends on the diameter of the cables which ferrite snap on clamps will fit. Mostly we sell 13 mm for solar systems. 13 mm ferrite snap on clamp #31 Material. For Low frequency interference (100kHz Р3 MHz) you can use #77 Material as toroid. FT240-77 Ferrite toroid For a complete overview of ferrite characteristics click here: Ferrite material choice