10 mm ferrite snap on clamp – 31 Material

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10 mm ferrite snap on clamp – 31 Material

Easy to snap on a cable. The solution for common mode RFI or EMI interference problems. Cable diameter max. 10 mm.

10 mm Snap on clamp dimensions

Dimensionmmmm toleranceInch
A23.7+/- 0,250.933
B10.15+/- 0,250.4
C39.4+/- 0,251.55
D11.7+/- 0,250.461

Snap on mechanics

Due to the increasing amount of electronics, electromagnetic interference problems are becoming increasingly common. Ferrite is the solution to these problems in many cases, therefore ferrite-shop offers various ferrite solutions. Because cable connectors are mostly not to removable, it can be impossible to mount a standard ferrite toroid. Snap on cable clamp is an easy solution for cables with already mounted connectors. We offer snap on cable clamps in different sizes.

31 Material

Initial Permeabilityµi1500
Flux Density @ Field strengthB
Residual Flux DensityBr3200Gauss
Coersive forceHc0.28Oersted
Loss Factor @ FrequencyTan δ/ µi
Temperature Coefficient of Initial Permeability (20 -70°C)1.6%/°C
Curie TemperatureTc>130°C

31 Material is a very good wide band common mode suppression solution in the frequency range from 1 up to 600 MHz. If you use multiple cable turns around the snap on clamp, the suppression will increase while the frequency will decrees. See the following picture to see the effect of multiple turns.

Snap on clamp 10mm impedance

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